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 A Joke You Can Tell In Church

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PostSubject: A Joke You Can Tell In Church   September 10th 2013, 08:05

One day Jesus and Moses were playing golf. They were on a par 3 and Moses tee'd off. His ball rolled to a water trap so he raised his arms, the water parted and his ball rolled onto the green.
  "Nice shot, Moses." said Jesus.
  Jesus tee'd off next. His ball rolled toward the same water trap but gently rolled across the surface of the water and came to a stop two feet ahead of Moses' ball.
  The third player tee'd off and his ball headed for the same water trap. Before it reached the edge of the water a frog leaped forward and grasped the ball in it's mouth. Then a hawk swooped from the sky and grabbed the frog in his talons and flew upwards. The frightened frog dropped the ball which happened to land in the cup. A hole in one!
  Moses looked at Jesus and said...
  "Man! I hate playing with your dad!"
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A Joke You Can Tell In Church
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